Molzana and Coherence, Better Together

We’re excited to announce that Molzana, data and analytics experts, are joining Coherence to create a single integrated data, analytics, design and engineering capability.

Molzana brings huge expertise helping brands such as HS1 and the British Business Back to manage everything from conversion rate optimisation to automation and data warehousing.

Together they create a team pioneering the Cohaesus Group’s approach to data analysis, generative AI, conversation design, search and user journey optimisation. 

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April 5th 2024

How to choose the right UX agency

We were sat across a boardroom table fielding questions from our potential new client a couple of weeks ago, when we were thrown the following role reversal question:

“If you were in our shoes, how would you choose the right UX agency to work with?”

Naturally we’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of tricky questions as part of the sales process with new clients – so we like to think we come prepared. Why are clients finding it difficult to choose?

June 22nd 2018

Designing native or bespoke app experiences

It’s time to design your app. Regardless of the platform, you will be faced with a fundamental question that has implications for both users and your business: design native or not.

You can build natively or not, but that’s another discussion. We’re going to talk about native design and user experience.

First, let us define what we mean by a native design. When releasing an app, you’re doing so on someone else’s platform. Be it Windows, Mac OS, the web (less of a “platform” but has similar properties), iOS, or Android – each has its own set of conventions and guidelines for how to create an app that feels more native to the platform. Apple has the HIG for its various platforms, Google created material design for Android and the web has a variety of widely accepted, less formalised conventions on how to design different types of interactions, born from decades of trial and error.


December 18th 2017

How much does a UX Design project cost?

Trying to figure out how much a project might cost, comes down to being able to estimate your time effectively. We’re well accustomed to this having worked on hundreds of products and services over the years.


No two projects are alike and the factors affecting time for each vary greatly, so we must fully understand the brief, context and objectives in order to come to an estimate. When a new client approaches Every Interaction we would ask the following questions. (more…)

December 7th 2017

In the Times – investing in a simpler e-commerce UX

The Times Raconteur supplement wrote another forward thinking issue on the future of retail and approach me to contribute from a user experience perspective.


September 21st 2017

Every Interaction is merged into the Cohaesus Group

Cohaesus Group kicks off its ambitious growth plans by bringing UX brand Every Interaction into the fold.

April 20, 2021 – Cohaesus Group announced today that it has acquired UX design specialists Every Interaction, with a view to creating an esteemed practitioner brand that will sit alongside its flagship agency, Cohaesus.

Cohaesus creates digital experiences for organisations striving to make meaningful change. It has evolved from a white label technology business to a direct to client strategic and experience consultancy, dedicated to building long term partnerships with clients including Battersea, National Grid, GS1 UK, and Tate.

Every Interaction’s reputation for excellence in user experience and user interface design, and its commitment to design craftsmanship, make it a great fit for the Cohaesus Group, and a robust platform from which to grow a practitioner brand that will champion standards in the industry.

This is the first of a number of acquisitions the Group seeks to make as it grows its network of specialist agencies and broadens its capabilities to service the evolving needs of its clients.

Group CEO, Richard Bundock, said “In a world where customers are online more than ever and expect everything to just work, brands need to focus on taking the friction out of their digital experiences. We’ve always been big fans of Every Interaction and the resources they’ve provided to the UX community and we’re excited to build on the brand. It’s the first step in achieving our ambition to build a network of complementary businesses committed to driving digital change.”

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May 25th 2021

Every Interaction Featured as Top UX Agency in UK

Top chefs and food critics say that the most memorable meals aren’t the ones that have long ingredient lists or are complicated to prepare. They’re the ones that include high-quality ingredients that let the natural flavours shine through. The best apps work in much the same way: Too many complicated functions or design elements can ruin the ease of use and detract from the user experience. Creating something that is functional, logical and beautiful is what stands out in the crowd… and that is exactly how Every Interaction landed a spot on Clutch’s Top UX Agency and Top Digital Design Agencies lists.   (more…)

March 7th 2018

Roundup 2017

This year has seen us working in Fintech, Proptech, Cartech (if there is such a thing) amongst other Tech.

Our first Fintech foray of the year was working with Invstr a mobile app that lets you play with real-time trading data. We helped integrate real micro-trading into the platform and advance the design system to handle this new functionality.

December 18th 2017

Why we don’t do spec work

What is spec work? Speculative design work requested in order to win a project, usually in a competitive pitch scenario.

Why would clients ask for spec work?

  1. They might not understand the process of design and the steps that must be completed in order to arrive at a good solution.
  2. They’re used to working with branding or advertising agencies where aesthetic design concepts are (to a greater extent) what determines a project’s success. This is not the case with UX Design.
  3. They want to reduce the risk by testing the agencies ability to deliver.


November 23rd 2017

Bad app citizens

I saw a few posts circulating on twitter recently, regarding facebook and the size of its mobile app downloads, with users making comparisons to other apps.

John Gruber replying to Facebook app weight tweet

This got me thinking – as a user who has a lot of apps installed, how much bandwidth does my phone use to keep my apps updated? (more…)

June 22nd 2017