1 million design resource downloads

We’re super excited to announce we recently passed the 1,000,000 download mark on our design resources.

1 million design resource updates

We made our first twitter resource back in 2013 as an internal tool to mock-up social profiles for clients. Photoshop had only recently added new vector tools and high density screens were starting to become a thing, so we wanted a way to train ourselves to better use these new features and create assets that could be scaled to 2x or beyond without loss of quality. The social template seemed like an obvious place to start – we rebuilt the entire twitter UI in vector from inside Photoshop and made the process of exporting the required images easy to manage. (more…)

March 13th 2017

Transforming a traditional service focussed company into a self-service platform using good design, user experience and software.

Many companies exist in traditional industries that evolve little over the years. In such industries the major players all compete with each other on fairly level terms. These conditions can lead to an undifferentiated landscape and sometimes a race to the bottom as price becomes the only remaining key differentiator. To stand-out, a company must look forward and adapt.

Occasionally you meet companies with a drive and vision to be the very best at what they do, but that’s not always enough to stay ahead of the competition. A visionary company needs people with the courage to try something so different it may cannibalise their existing business model. This is a story of working with such a client who understood the value of design and the power of software to turn their industry on it’s head and dared to try.

January 13th 2017

Rapid design and development of life-changing medical technologies in 48 hours

I recently attended the world’s first dual-nation live broadcast hackathon event; MiSK’s ‘Medical Internet of Things’. A mixed team participation between hackers in London and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The talent of teams and the mentors (who supported with their expertise) was really inspirational.


At midday on Friday 25th the hackathon began. Some teams arrived with pre-formed ideas ready to develop, others needed to kickoff with research and ideation that day. My team (made up of two developers and two UX/UI designers) were the latter.


November 30th 2016

Stuck to Unstuck; getting our own website design project moving

Working on your own website can be one of the hardest things for a design agency to do. I even recorded a podcast about how difficult this can be. Our old site was showing its age and as a business we’d moved on – we needed something that better represented who we are and what we do today. We tried kickstarting the process several times over the past year or two and fell into the trap of always beginning with the case studies. We felt that we lacked the ability to tell our own story. On each attempt we always stalled as we lacked a cohesive communication strategy for how to write about ourselves.

Old website design to new (more…)

September 23rd 2016

User testing a product in Madagascar

To some, Madagascar can conjure fairytale images of unspoiled landscapes filled with characters from Dreamworks movies. A lot has changed in the 88 million years since the island broke away from the prehistoric African subcontinent. In recent decades the republic state has gone through several economic and political crises which has left Madagascar one of the poorest countries in the world. Approximately 69% of the population lives below the poverty line threshold of one dollar per day.


August 23rd 2016

Quote in the Times – How AI will change buyer behaviour

I was quoted in The Times newspaper Raconteur Digital Economy Supplement on Thursday 19th January 2017. The article was about ‘How AI will change buyer behaviour’

Times Raconteur Digital Economy Supplement


January 24th 2017

mind+machine book release

Earlier this year we were fortunate to be invited to contribute to a new book called mind+machine™ published by Wiley. We wrote a section about user experience and how it’s critical to place users at the centre of your thinking when designing products.


December 13th 2016

Our new office on Tower Bridge road

After 2 years on the Southbank, it became time for us to move once again. This time just a mile down the road – we’re now just south of Tower Bridge, near Bermondsey Street. The new place will hopefully prove to be a more permanent home for Every Interaction and give us a stable set of walls in which to grow our team over the coming years.

every-interaction-have-moved-map (more…)

October 18th 2016

From vision to reality. Creating a new hotel.


Back in 2011 I worked with branding agency Winkreative who had been approached by property developer José Antonio Uva. Winkreative were tasked with helping communicate his vision for the transformation of an estate in Portugal’s Alentejo region. The estate, São Lourenço do Barrocal had been in his family for over a century and was to become a destination for modern country living. This journey was just beginning —the estate was standing in ruin—but it would culminate in the opening of the hotel at the start of 2016 five years later.

September 12th 2016

WWDC 2016 announcement effects on design

We all watched WWDC 2016 with anticipation of what new things Apple might be releasing this year. Below is our summary of notable new developments that we can take advantage of and clients should be aware of for future projects.

Apple Watch
Watch OS is getting a big update in version 3 with some refreshing changes to how the OS operates, speeding up frequently used and now docked apps which should increase user engagement. This should open up new possibilities for clients considering building or updating a watch app. If you already have a watch app you’ll need to make some minor updates to optimise for this use case.

Watch OS 3 at WWDC 2016

July 7th 2016