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The Mobile app ecosystem has only been around for 7+ years, and yet it’s introduction has fundamentally changed the lives of every smartphone owning person on the planet.

There are over 3 million apps available today, which have generated tens of billions of downloads. It no surprise the mobile app market is competitive, which is why the design and user experience of your app needs to be as good as possible to give you the greatest chances of success. When designing apps we take a holistic user-experience focussed approach that takes into account the unique use cases that are specific to the medium.

User Experience matters so much, because we are experiencing so much. Today personal phones are unlocked on average 150 times a day, being checked every 5.6 minutes.

~ John Meada

Whether designing for phones, tablets or watches, iOS, Android or Windows, the fundamental principals of good UX and mobile app design are the same, the default ways of doing certain actions are just slightly different. Designing and building apps today has begun to resemble responsive web design as the diversity of screens and devices of all platforms increases. To ensure the apps we design respond successfully to all device sizes, we design to principals that enable a more maintainable and flexible code base.


How We Work

Apps are all about the experience; keeping it simple and optimising interactions for the small screen sizes. We sketch, design and prototype ideas so that we can test, iterate and evolve concepts into the optimum solution. Working as a team and testing both informally and with genuine users is a vital part of delivering a refined mobile app experience. We don’t do native app development in house, but are used to working with external teams closely or can recommend excellent partners. Read more about working with us.

Some recent examples of mobile app design

Mobile app design is one of our specialities and we can design for any platform. Below are a few examples of recent app projects.

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