iOS 9 App Icon Template

Updated: 12th October 2015

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iOS 9 App Icon Template

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Designed to make it easy to design, test and export your new iOS 9 App Icons, ready for the App Store.

We’ve created this iOS 9 App Icon template so all you need to do is add your 1024×1024 artwork in one place, and it will create all the required sizes for you. Slices are already setup to 1-click export your files, ready for upload.

License: These files have been produced with the intention of helping fellow designers. We therefore request you do not repost them as your own downloadable resources, do not host the files in any other location, or attempt to sell these assets for personal gain. Share the love and spread the word.


Using the iOS 9 App Icon template

Within the download you will find the main Photoshop file: iOS_9_app_icon_template.psd, from there you can globally modify the App Icon by editing the shared Photoshop file: Your_App_Icon.psd and see updates applied across all screens.



Before exporting, please make sure the appropriately labeled parent folders are set to invisible to remove backgrounds and the icon corner radius from the icons. 

iOS 9 App Icon Template PSD was made using the 2015 version of Adobe Photoshop CC, if you have an older version some features of the file may not work as expected. We‘ve labelled and structured the Photoshop file to easily find and access items.



We try to keep our iOS 9 App Icon template PSD as up to date as possible. We’ll always endeavour to update them quickly if changes affect the assets you need. Sketch GUI PSDs coming soon…


If you’ve enjoyed this, please don’t forget to share with fellow designers!

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